Mini-Memoir: College Blues

The anxiety in the pit of my stomach crescendoed to an intensity where my thinking felt like yelling in my head, my body trembled, and I forgot how to breathe properly. There was a compulsion to move, to feel, to do something.


What Can I Do If My Child Is Anxious?

Parents often don't realize that their worry and their children's worry-behaviours can have a feedback-loop effect on one another. As adults it's easier for us to recognize and understand this, and to seek out tools to help both parent and child.

There's a sick feeling in the pit of my gut when it starts. I feel myself parts separating, an egg from its yolk Sounds seem less tolerable I feel a growling dread swell within The more mindful I am, the stronger its influence The louder the room, the stronger the light, The deeper the cave…